Installing MSCRM 1.2 on SBS 2003

As some of you may know, I was working with Harry Brelsford to add some Microsoft CRM content to the “Extending SBS 2003” book. My hope was that I could help my peers in the SMB consulting space avoid some of the pot holes and dead ends that I encountered with MSCRM on SBS. The planned timing of the book release relative to Microsoft’s (now) official announcement of the release of Microsoft CRM 3.0 pretty much made the chapter I penned on installing MSCRM on SBS 2003 obsolete so I’ve decided (with Harry’s concurrence) to release the chapter to the public domain in hopes that it will help. This was my first crack on writing a chapter for a technical book. I’d appreciate any feedback that might help me as I start working on the new chapters for the “Extending SBS 2003” that will focus on CRM 3.0.

Check back here shortly for a link to my recipe for a successful CRM implementation on top of SBS 2003 …..

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