Recurring Service Cases

We recently updated our CRM solution for automatically creating recurring service cases. We use recurring service cases to automatically schedule items for our customers that have signed up for managed services or that are under some form of retainer.   I originally implemented this in CRM 1.2 using CRM using special products in our CRM product catalog to represent each service offering. For example we had a product item the corresponded to Server Patch Management and another that corresponded to UPS system check, etc. Each product was related to a maintenance item that was defined in an XML configuration file. … Continue reading Recurring Service Cases

Gathering Data From Public Web Forms

We have been working on a project that requires harvesting data from a public facing web form. This is a pretty basic request but in the past we’ve only been asked to do this for lead capture and we have generally specified using the C360 web capture tool as a very effective tool for capturing lead data and either relating it to an existing contact or lead or creating a new lead. However with this project we have to capture data that updates an existing contact or creates a new contact (C360 currently doesn’t support this). We also have to … Continue reading Gathering Data From Public Web Forms

Minor CRM Gripes

There are not many things that I don’t like about MS CRM 3.0. But one item has recently jumped to the top of the list: Email support for custom entities. I can understand the difficulty in figuring out how to use an email address field in a custom entity to actually create and send an email. What I can’t understand is why I can’t create email templates for custom entities. I can create email templates for other record types in CRM that don’t represent people (e.g. orders, quotes, service cases.) I should be able to create email templates for my … Continue reading Minor CRM Gripes