Keeping Track of Public Queues with a Vista Gadget

Way back when CRM 1.0 came out, we embraced email enabled queues as a key responding to our clients support requests. By replacing an email distribution list with a queue we eliminated the problems we often had where two or more people would start responding to an issue at the same time. Now the first person that can work on the issue takes it off of the queue. However queues introduced a new problem for us. When we used a distribution group everyone knew about the problem immediately. With queues we had to remember to go check the queue regularly … Continue reading Keeping Track of Public Queues with a Vista Gadget

Outlook Hanging with CRM

One of the reasons I have not been posting in a while is that we have been very busy trying to resolve some lingering issues at one of our CRM installations. We have been working with Microsoft over the past 6 months trying to clear up some Outlook performance issues as well as some related email issues when using the CRM Address Book provider. It has taken a long time to isolate the issues and frankly my commitment to the Dynamics CRM platform was shaken for quite some time. I think Microsoft if is paying attention and being dillegent is … Continue reading Outlook Hanging with CRM