SBS SP1 Installation Woes

We implemented SBS SP1 this week and ran into a few issues with CRM after the install. Our installation has Microsoft CRM installed on the SBS server. We also had a few other modifications that made our system different than a baseline SBS 2K3 Premium install. I believe that the difference that caused our problems was that we had multiple IP addresses on our internal NIC. This modification was primarily in place to support SSL publishing of our CRM and Companyweb out to the Internet. After the SBS SP1 install we had problems with our Microsoft Exchange Connector. We could … Continue reading SBS SP1 Installation Woes

Installing MSCRM 1.2 on SBS 2003

As some of you may know, I was working with Harry Brelsford to add some Microsoft CRM content to the “Extending SBS 2003” book. My hope was that I could help my peers in the SMB consulting space avoid some of the pot holesĀ and dead ends that I encountered with MSCRM on SBS. The planned timing of the book release relative to Microsoft’s (now) official announcement of the release of Microsoft CRM 3.0 pretty much made the chapter I penned on installing MSCRM on SBS 2003 obsolete so I’ve decided (with Harry’s concurrence) to release the chapter to the public … Continue reading Installing MSCRM 1.2 on SBS 2003

Prescribed MSCRM Pacthes and Hot Fixes (From my CRM Knowledge Base)

I install the following patches and hot fixes on all the Microsoft CRM implementations we manage. This article also demostrates the functionality of the CRM Knowlege Base and is infact a copy of the KB I maintain for my company. As I update my internal KB I’ll post the update here. Prescribed Patches for a Microsoft CRM Server Installation KBA-02024 Purpose & Scope The following Updates and HotFixes should be applied to all Microsoft CRM V1.2 installations. Prerequisites & Initial Conditions Microsoft CRM v1.2 is installed. Procedure Install the following Updates and Hotfixes in the order listed. (2005-03-28) KB870635 – Microsoft … Continue reading Prescribed MSCRM Pacthes and Hot Fixes (From my CRM Knowledge Base)