Outlook Hanging with CRM

One of the reasons I have not been posting in a while is that we have been very busy trying to resolve some lingering issues at one of our CRM installations. We have been working with Microsoft over the past 6 months trying to clear up some Outlook performance issues as well as some related email issues when using the CRM Address Book provider. It has taken a long time to isolate the issues and frankly my commitment to the Dynamics CRM platform was shaken for quite some time. I think Microsoft if is paying attention and being dillegent is … Continue reading Outlook Hanging with CRM

Scan Documents into CRM

I came across a company at the Convergence conference that has a great solution for CRM users that deal with a lot of documents. They have a device that connects to the network.and allows users to scan documents into CRM. The company name is Intellagent Solutions www.intellagentsolutions.com. If your processes involve a lot of documents you need to check this solution out.  

The blogger awakens….

Susan Bradley set up this blog for me last October when I received my first MVP award. I’ve had several false starts trying to figure out what value I could provide to the community through this blog. Admittedly I also got side tracked on layout, style, trying to figure out which skin to use, etc. Eventually the blog just became stagnant and we all know how hard it is to regain momentum. I’m finishing up the last day of the 2005 Microsoft World Wide Partner conference in Minneapolis today. I’ve been doing some show-and-tell here at WWPC and I have received a lot … Continue reading The blogger awakens….

How To: Installing MSCRM on Windows Small Business Server 2003

As some of you may know, I was working with Harry Brelsford to add some Microsoft CRM content to the “Extending SBS 2003” book. My hope was that I could help my peers in the SMB consulting space avoid some of the pot holesĀ and dead ends that I encountered with MSCRM on SBS. The planned timing of the book release relative to Microsoft’s (now) official announcement of the release of Microsoft CRM 3.0 pretty much made the chapter I penned on installing MSCRM on SBS 2003 obsolete so I’ve decided (with Harry’s concurrence) to release the chapter to the public … Continue reading How To: Installing MSCRM on Windows Small Business Server 2003