.NET General – 2007

Most of my .NET blogging in 2007 is already categorised as Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework v3.5 or as Mobile and Embedded or as Windows Vista. The remainder are below:

Option Explicit and Option Strict in VB
“CLR v2.0 remains at the same version”
How to go from Thread to ProcessThread
Migrating from .NET Framework v1.x to Visual Studio 2008
Releasing Source Code for the .NET Framework
ThreadPool in .NET Framework v2.0 Service Pack 1
Parallel Extensions videos Errata
Parallel Extensions
ParallelFX class diagrams
Task and TaskManager
Be consistent with DllImports
FileDialog additions in SP1
.NET Framework v2.0 SP1
Volatile RegistryKey

Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework v3.5

Below are my blog posts from 2007 related to VS2008 and Fx 3.5 (when I started blogging about them they were known as “Orcas”):

Open Folder in Windows Explorer in Orcas
Language INtegrated Query
Local variable type inference in C# 3.0
Option Infer in VB9
Object Initializers in C# 3.0 and VB9
Anonymous Types in C# 3.0 and VB9
Extension methods C# 3.0 and VB9
Lambda Expressions C# 3.0
Lambda Expressions in VB9
Decomposing LINQ
LINQ Resources
Download the Orcas March CTP now
Some .NET Framework 3.5 features
Code metrics in VS “Orcas”
Ctrl+Tab in VS Orcas
Automatic properties in C#3
NetFx support in VS Orcas
equals versus ==
Installation of March CTP on Vista
New Security stuff in Orcas framework
ETW in Orcas framework
GCCollectionMode and GCSettings.LatencyMode in Orcas
PeerToPeer in Orcas
Orcas for Web developers
Get Orcas Beta 1
Aesthetic and usability in Orcas B1
VB intellisense in Orcas
Orcas Office development through pictures
Transparent Intellisense
Repaving and how VS Orcas saves me time
Using C# 3.0 from .NET 2.0
Using Extension methods in Fx 2.0 projects
Import namespace in VB9
Client Application Services in “Orcas”
Visual Studio Orcas SDK June CTP
Visual Studio 2008 stack
.NET Framework 3.5
Class Designer for C++ in VS2008
VS2008 Beta 2 with go live license
LINQ to DataSet
VS2008 Installation experience
Allow app to host WPF add-in
Open Beta 1 solutions with Beta 2
Organize Usings in VS2008
Version and location changes in Beta 2
System.Core.dll minor changes in Beta 2
LINQ’s relationship to the new language features
VSTO for VBA developers
Unrecognized tag prefix or device filter ‘asp’
Tool to collect VS2008 and Fx 3.5 setup logs
Partial methods
Extension Members in Object Browser
foreach uses var
LINQ to SQL pipeline
ASP.NET 3.5 controls
LINQ samples
VS 2008 SKUs
Changes in the red bits
prop snippet
Relaxed Delegates
SortOrder in item VS2008 templates dialog
NGEN perf boost in red bits
Visual Basic video
LINQ to SQL in Beta 2
Watch my video on VS2008 multitargeting
.NET 3.5 video
VS 2008 Tools menu
NETCF Beta 2
Office projects require NETFX 3.5
Video: VS2008 Aesthetic and Usability enhancements
Multithreaded Debugging Enhancements in Visual Studio 2008
Video on Partial Methods in C# and Visual Basic
FxCop rule for red bits
WPF and Windows Forms integration
WPF from WinForms in VS2008
Five VSTO v3.0 (in VS2008) videos
Support for Nested Master Pages in VS2008
VS2008 for web developers
New in CardSpace with Fx 3.5
XML Schemas dialog in Visual Studio 2008
Top 10 things to know about Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5
Visual Studio 2008 build version 9.0.21022.08
VS2008 RTM for non-MSDN subscribers
Could not load file or assembly in VS2008 RTM
An item placeholder must be specified on VS 2008 RTM
HTML, CSS, Script errors as warnings in VS2008 RTM
NewProject and AddNewItem dialogs in VS 2008 RTM
VB WPF project with option Strict On in VS 2008 RTM
VS2008 works with SourceSafe 2005
Go To Type Definition in VS 2008
VS2008 Beta 2 to RTM menu changes and readme
Compiler Features in C#3 and VB9
Code snippet for property old style
LINQ to DataSet video
DataSet enhancements in VS2008

Mobile and Embedded – 2007

Below are my blog posts from 2007 related to mobile and embedded development:

Free training for Mobile development
Windows Mobile Managed APIs
Windows Mobile 5 Demo code
Windows Mobile 6
Windows Mobile 6 SDKs
NETCF 3.5 API additions
.NET Micro Framework SDK
More NETCF 3.5 Additions
NETCF 3.5 Headliner Features
NETCF SP2 ships
FileAs in Windows Mobile 6
New project dialog for VSD in Orcas
Visual Studio for Devices features in Orcas
IL support by Compact CLR
NET CF Beta 1 – what is new
Mobile Development Handbook
My book is now in my hands
MSDN mag article: Cross-framework code
Using Extension methods for cross-framework projects
Slides: Windows Mobile Managed APIs
Slides from my MEDC sessions
Web development for Mobile
Windows Mobile Security for devs
WISP Lite in WM6
Facebook from .NET
Power Toys for .NET CF 3.5
Write your own GC Heap Viewer for NETCF
PowerShell combined with CoreCon
ASP.NET for Windows CE
Volatile RegistryKey

Events – 2007

Below are my blog posts from 2007 related to events that I participated in some way and commenting on events in general:

UK Vista and Office Launch Tour Roadtrip
Weirdest speaking venue ever!
Grok talk at WebDD on Vista Gadgets
Fully booked with UK in-person events over the next 3 weeks
Do you read abstracts of sessions?
UK User Groups
MEDC 2007: Six loaded reasons to attend
MEDC Session 1
MEDC Session 2
MEDC Session 3 and 4
Upcoming Orcas events
MEDC Europe
DevDays 2007 in Netherlands
Our survey says… Mix:UK 07
My September and October events
Going to Tech Ed Europe 2007? Come to my sessions and win
My November Events
Code Camps in the UK
December UK Events
How do you start a user group

Windows Vista – 2007

Below are my blog posts from 2007 related to Windows Vista development:

SideShow devices
SideShow designer: ISV opportunity
Windows Vista Ultimate Extras
More Preview Handlers
Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget articles
Vista week on Channel9
VS “Orcas” uses the new CommonFileDialog
VS2005 SP1 Update for Vista
What a great way to leverage the Restart Manager
Please use the Restart API to its full potential
Photoshop Preview Handler
Administrator in VS Orcas title bar
Embedding manifests in Orcas
Vista native stuff for WPF
i-mate SideShow Debugger
Bridge in Glidepath
UAC Elevation with COM
Programmatically determine if UAC is enabled
Winforms 1 – WPF 0
More SideShow devices
VS2008 integration with UAC
Vista ProgressBar
Sidebar + SideShow = Love
Download my Vista demos
Sidebar shortcuts
Vista ComboBox
Vista updates
UAC Settings in VB
VS2008 supports Restart Manager
More VS2008 UAC integration
Video: Build UAC aware apps with VS2008
SCF intellisense
Code signing

Link blogging – 2007

Below are my blog posts from 2007 where I link to others:

A few links I’ve been meaning to share
The “Wow” starts now
Mac adverts
Office Compatibility Pack
Camtasia now works on Vista
Microsoft Jobs
Compact Silverlight
More SideShow devices
PDC postponed?
Windows Clippings 2.0
Some links from the last few days
Acropolis CTP
Run better user groups
Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1
MSDN Flash newsletter
Parallel LINQ
Duck Typing
No More Moth
7 links from the past 14 days
Have code? Share it!
An advert for Microsoft ADCs
MSDN Flash 17 Oct
Orcas Beta 2 VPC expiration in a week
MSDN Flash 31 Oct
MSDN Flash 14 Nov
Silverlight for VS2008
Blend with VS2008
Concurrency and Parallelism
Futures, promises and dataflow programming
The manycore shift white paper
MSDN Flash 28 Nov
Me too links of today
MSDN Flash 12 Dec
WPF for LOB apps?
For UK techies only – 2008 launch registration

Personal – 2007

Below are my blog posts from 2007 that have some kind of personal feel: – iPhone
My WEI score
Challenge: 24 processes and 378MB. Possible?
Rambling about WebDD
lambda vs lamda
MVP Summit 2007
html Save As in IE7 produces htm
Off to plan a Greek wedding
Outlook rules
See you at MIX or MEDC
Vegas MEDC wrap-up
go URLs at Microsoft
Back from DevDays
Back from Berlin
Off Topic: 8 random things about me
What do I plan to do over the next 6 months to become a better developer
Woo hoo!
I type 50 wpm
MS Speak RC Build 21004.01
PIP in screencasts?
Some blog maintenance
My personal Tech Ed wrap-up
6 years of hotmail
Happy Holidays

VISTA – 2006

My 2006 blog entries about Vista development.

24 May 2006       Vista: Beta 2 Available   

29 May 2006       Vista: Developer Resources       

02 Jun 2006         Vista: TaskDialog             

12 Jun 2006         TextBox prompt              

12 Jun 2006         VistaBridge        

12 Jun 2006         Vista: TaskDialogIndirect              

16 Jun 2006         Vista: Glass        

17 Jun 2006         Vista: Glass in C#             

08 Jul 2006           My Vista System Performance Rating    

14 Jul 2006           Vista: CommandLink Button       

29 Jul 2006           Screencast on TaskDialog, CommandLink, cue banner               

29 Jul 2006           Vista: User Account Control      

30 Jul 2006           Glass in C#, an alternative approach     

09 Aug 2006        Fun with partitions and Vista 5472           

10 Aug 2006        Vista Windows Experience Index             

12 Aug 2006        Vista glass answers and DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow               

16 Aug 2006        Using Vista’s search in your managed apps          

22 Aug 2006        Vista: Application Recovery        

23 Aug 2006        channel9             

24 Aug 2006        Vista: RegisterApplicationRecoveryCallback        

05 Sep 2006        Vista UAC Security Policies          

05 Sep 2006        Vista: WFP and WER      

22 Sep 2006        Vista SKUs          

22 Sep 2006        Glass nugget     

24 Sep 2006        Search sample  

26 Sep 2006        Vista: Power Aware       

26 Sep 2006        Support for development IDEs on Vista

01 Oct 2006         Vista: Problem Reports and Solutions    

02 Oct 2006         Vista: WerRegisterFile  

04 Oct 2006         ApplicationRecoverCallback               

06 Oct 2006         Problem fixed…              

08 Oct 2006         Vista: UAC internals       

10 Oct 2006         Winqual              

11 Oct 2006         Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets         

12 Oct 2006         Vista: Sidebar gadgets  

12 Oct 2006         Vista: Sample Sidebar Gadget   

14 Oct 2006         Vista: Restart Manager 

15 Oct 2006         VB6 does glass on Vista

13 Nov 2006        Vista-only features for the managed developer               

16 Nov 2006        Changes in Vista RTM    

20 Nov 2006        Vista: SideShow                   

27 Nov 2006        UAC: Get your links here!           

29 Nov 2006        Windows SDK   

29 Nov 2006        SideShow gadget fundamentals               

30 Nov 2006        Designing SideShow gadgets with SCF   

05 Dec 2006        Gadget in C#     

12 Dec 2006        WinSAT               

13 Dec 2006        Managed Preview Handlers for Vista and Office               

15 Dec 2006        Launch elevated and modal too               

19 Dec 2006        TVS_EX_AUTOHSCROLL               

22 Dec 2006        Writing managed control panel items    

30 Dec 2006        SideShow notifications and events         

General .NET, RSS platform and other links – 2006

My 2006 blog entries on general .NET topics, the RSS platform and some link blogging.

15 Jun 2006         .NET Framework v3.0    

03 Jul 2006           using statement              

04 Jul 2006           using pattern    

14 Jul 2006           my blog subscriptions   

18 Jul 2006           My nuggets are up         

31 Jul 2006           Windows RSS Platform 

02 Aug 2006        Deleting all RSS feeds in Outlook 2007   

02 Aug 2006        Deleting all RSS feeds in IE7        

04 Aug 2006        msfeeds.dll       

14 Aug 2006        Speaker Idol      

14 Aug 2006        Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)    

28 Sep 2006        CommandLink for XP     

01 Oct 2006         VS “Orcas” September CTP         

04 Oct 2006         pinvoke.net      

05 Oct 2006         CharSet.What?

05 Oct 2006         Silent ones are the worst!           

09 Oct 2006         Vista Shell revealed       

11 Oct 2006         IE7 released to the wild

04 Dec 2006        Expression and WPF/e 

11 Dec 2006        Managed code and the Shell – Don’t!    

12 Dec 2006        PDC 2007 in Los Angeles on October 2-5               

15 Dec 2006        VS2005 SP1 RTM + SP1 Update Beta       

OFF TOPIC – 2006

My 2006 blog entries not quite on the main topic.

01 Jan 2006         Best of “The Moth” 2005             

01 Mar 2006        Busy is implicit (and change of career)   

04 Apr 2006         OpenNETCF       

02 Jul 2006           Happy 20th to me 🙂     

07 Jul 2006           Beta lifestyle     

22 Aug 2006        NxtGenUG chat                  

26 Aug 2006        Out of Office     

23 Sep 2006        Giant logical leap             

24 Sep 2006        OT: British Military Fitness           

15 Oct 2006         Out of Continent             

06 Nov 2006        Tech Ed: Virtual Side      

10 Nov 2006        NDA info: Tech Ed leader board

13 Dec 2006        The day the world broke…         

28 Dec 2006        5 things you didn’t know about me