Get Rich Quick With Microsoft Dynamics

I got hit by my first 419 scam back in 1990, via fax. In those days it was still relatively new, so I made an effort to find why someone wanted me to share 25% of their 50 million. Without Google, it was quite a task to find out what it was all about, but we worked it out eventually. In those days it was much simpler than it is now, then you just arrived at the airport with $50k, and either gave it to the thugs, or got shot on the spot. Now a days the killing is too … Continue reading Get Rich Quick With Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics NAV – my first blog here

Hi to all the MVPs. I am not sure how interested people are here about the Dynamics products, so I will keep my blogs here less technical than I would normally. My name is David Singleton, and I have been working with Dynamics products for 16 years now. I know that its thought of by most MVPs as “The New Kid On The Block”, but its actually been around a while now. Looking forward to joining the community, david.