Expression Web now on MSDN and my new Day Job!

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this news everywhere. I first saw it on Cory Smith’s blog, then I see Steve Smith posted about it as well. Per Somasegar and Scott Guthrie – they finally made  Expression Web available on MSDN. Somasegar was sure to point out that this is all because of the voice of the people. Sharing your thoughts and opinions does matter and can make things happen.

In other news, I recently accepted an offer from Winner Communications, Inc and returned to them in my new role as Manager of Technical Architecture on March 27, 2006. I am very excited about this opportunity considering they have a lot of awesome developers and designers, as well as some terrific projects and clientele. On top of my responsibilities I will be attempting to introduce Expression Web and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) to their designers who are mostly Mac users and focused on Flash.

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