Cory Smith delivered a terrific presentation on Vista-fying your VB.NET WinForms Apps!

I have heard only rave reviews! Everyone was excited to finally have Cory Smith, MVP from Ft. Worth, come up and give his presentation "Developing for Windows Vista using Visual Studio 2005". It was even more exciting due to his flight delays and weather influence lay overs, etc. He almost could have drove up faster than it took him to fly. What was even more amazing was the fact that he called me during his short lay over in Fayetteville, AR and he was showing the pilot how to get a weather report that was better than 15 minutes delayed!

Several commented that his presentation hasn't changed their minds about Vista, you can never make everyone see the light until they kick something in the dark, but they were all very impressed with his presentation skills and delivery.

I was dumbfounded and amazed how little Microsoft is actually giving us as developers the toolset to deliver our applications for Vista. I don't want to steal his thunder, but suffice it to say, that there are really some basic controls in question that Microsoft has no plans of delivering even as soon as Orcas. As Cory mentioned, we all know that LINQ is the real culprit and is stealing all the resources. To make us go back to using ShowMessage API calls in order to simply make our TreeView control behave like Vista's seems just retarded and several steps backwards.

Cory did an excellent job of showing each of the new visual features in Vista and showing how you can hack them into your own code. That is why I subtitled his presentation and my experience of seeing it "Vista-fying' your WinForm applications.

Great job Cory!

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