The next wave of websites and applications will be incredible

Although I am unable to attend MIX ’07, I find it very inspiring to hear the announcements that Microsoft is making at the event. It sounds as though it may even be enough to make Sam Gentile back into a web programmer.

The tools that Microsoft is delivering at an ever amazing pace is really making it even more difficult to deliver the traditional websites and applications that a lot of developers have been producing in the past.

Moving forward the pressure is really on us, as software and website architects, engineers and developers to really deliver website and applications that will finally be able to meet high expectations on end user usability. Our projects will finally be able to and must deliver the fully immersible applications that our end users will buy and fall in love with using.

Here’s the first few applications coming out:

Vertigo’s Family.Show

Virtuoza’s Fusion Desk

The New York Times’ TimesReader


Regarding the New York Times’ TimesReader, I have heard that Seattle Times and other large newspapers will very likely partner with Microsoft and release their own applications. So, why not just have ONE NewsReader that can communicate with any and all newspapers. Then they can focus on what they do best, content, and Microsoft or whom ever, can focus on the generic application. If you have not seen the Topic Browser view of the search feature, it is the most exciting feature. The ability to display relational data in this format, much like Vertigo’s Family.Show, can definitely revolutionize the User Interface offerings of many traditional applications.

If you know of any other websites or applications taking advantage of Silverlight (WPF/E) and WPF, let me know.

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