Zain Naboulsi rocked Tulsa – MSDN Event and TulsaDevelopers.NET

Zain Naboulsi rocked Tulsa! After presenting for four hours at the MSDN Event on Windows CardSpace and Microsoft AJAX. I had imagined that he would have been at least a little tired. But was the TulsaDevelopers.NET users group pleasantly surprised.

He came in and delivered an awesome presentation on WPF with some Silverlight thrown in. He did an excellent job of incorporating the latest and greatest like Expression Blend. He also brought to light the fact that as developers we need to not get so comfortable in the new found user interface capabilities that WPF provides and be sure to continue digging deeper. We need to continue growing our knowledge of the underlying architecture at least as much as we always have – does anyone remember bitblts and all the other crazy graphical hacks that we have had to do in the past?

So, fair warning OKC. When Zain comes to do your MSDN Event on Thursday you are in for a real treat!

He kept everyone excited and interested through out the whole day!

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