I am now an MVP for the Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET technical communities! My wife will tell you it was a lot of work. 🙂

Since everyone is limited to the same time constraints as everyone else, 24 x 7 x 365 – family, work and occasionally sleep, I am continually looking for ways to be more effective with my time and reach a larger community with as close to the same amount of time as I have been able to contribute  in the past.

I will be taking Julie Lerman’s excellent and experienced advise (as she just hit MVP Year # 5!) and continue doing what I do and if Microsoft likes it I will find out next July. I look forward to working with her and every one else on the INETA Speakers Bureau of the next two years, as today also marks the official start of my role on the INETA Board of Directors as the VP Speakers Bureau, I am sure we will get the web site updated soon. Bill Wolff did an excellent job for quite awhile, and I found that I am also following in the steps of Scott Bellware as well!

Just this week I learned that I have the honor of having my session to present “Putting it all together with .NET 3.0: Presentation, Services and Workflow” chosen for VSLive! Austin (November 12-15), so I will see you there!

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