One of the biggest MOSS live sites so far — but just wait! Also, LinkedIn just a MySpace for the Business Community?

I just saw from Nick Mayhew’s blog, which he had found on Mark Harrison’s blog where the UK Health Services just launched a new portal aiming to help the public better take advantage of their services utilizing MOSS 2007. I couldn’t find any where that stated how long they and there technology partners had been working on the project.

This will not last long, my company is currently working on a very large site for a client that will definitely be ground breaking and news worthy. Sadly, I don’t want to release any details yet. My blog readers will be the first to find out about it though! So stay tuned, the site is tentatively scheduled to beta launch August 15th 2008.

More news to come so stay tuned!

I have been meaning to post my two cents regarding Javier Lozano’s recent blog post: Is LinkedIn a MySpace for the Business Community? I really don’t see the comparisons. LinkedIn is really provides value, while MySpace, in my humble opinion, is of limited entertainment value only. MySpace is just a convoluted mess of trash, at least the small amount that I have even looked at it and quickly decided not to go back. LinkedIn however, has easily met my needs as an online address book and more. I had previously only had less than ten contacts, until after Tulsa Tech Fest 2006, when one of the few that I had added as a LinkedIn connection suddenly showed up as having taken a job with Infragistics about six weeks later. That’s when I personally saw one of the great benefits of LinkedIn. As past coworkers and contacts move through out their lives and careers, it makes it so much easier to keep in touch with them! Somehow, I neglected to blog about this back then! In a nutshell, one of our speakers Ed Blankenship was up from Dallas to present with his co-worker Ed Kisinger on Visual Studio Team System where after the event he met up with fellow presenter Ambrose Little, they connected and shortly there after, Ed Blankenship went to work with Infragistics. I found out within a day or two at the most, thanks to LinkedIn. This shows me not only the value of LinkedIn, but also speaking, participating and attending any community event. You never know who you will connect with and where it could led! Potentially your dream job!

Planning is well under way for an even bigger and better Tulsa Tech Fest 2007! You will not want to miss it!

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