Work – The new largest public MOSS site and another rocking WSS site!

My blog has been silent for longer than I would have liked, but for good reason. My announcement is now 4-6 weeks (at least) delayed, but we have pushed IMHO the largest public MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server v3.0 2007) site live. is a social networking site for collegiate football and basketball fans with a ton of unique features. Everyone who signs up has the ability to blog, upload photos and videos, plus bomb and praise others. We are still adding features, like forums, points (achieved through using the site) and games.

We put together an excellent team of 7-9 developers (with limited or no prior experience with Sharepoint) and pushed version 1 of the site in 3-4 months. They did a terrific job, as well as the designers and everyone else on the team.

Just two weeks ago now, we launched our second site using Sharepoint. This time using WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services v3.0 2007) – If you are Cox Communications customer in the Oklahoma area then go there for your first level technical support questions and have them answered by the Virtual Cox Representative. They are pilot testing it in our area. If it achieves their goal of reducing the number of help center calls, they will increase the regions covered. This form of virtual interaction is a speciality of my employer They pushed their first one a few years back for as a Virtual Q & A (

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