TechFest domination continues! DallasTechFest is finally coming – May 3rd 2008!

Our Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Chris Koenig, just announced it on his blogDallasTechFest will be May 3rd 2008.

Yet another city is destined for the inevitable world domination of TechFest.

All signs point to some big numbers in 2008. Since all the events have been very successful so far (TulsaTechFest, VancouverTechFest, HoustonTechFest, IndyTechFest and AlbertaTechFest), it would seem logical they will repeat next year as well. Thereby, doubling the number of TechFest events. I am proud to say TulsaTechFest is a trend setter.

I think we should all let John Kellar (Founder and Chairman of Nashville's devLink and before that Co-Founder of Little Rock's TechExpo) that the answer to his twitter "should there be a devLink 2008" is a resounding yes and no. NashvilleTechFest has a nice ring to it, eh?

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