WARNING: Boycott WHOIS via Network Solutions

I have been in the habit for quite some time of still using the whois search by going to netsol.com (Network Solutions). For those that haven’t read the Left Behind book series, there is a very similar and ironic twist to the "netsol" concept and it stuck with me. Anyway, I just learned the hard way today, that Network Solutions is now registering domains that have been searched for via their whois tool. I was doing some preliminary research on the replacement for this year’s TulsaCodeCamp event, since I wanted to come up with something new, unique and maybe repeatable … Continue reading WARNING: Boycott WHOIS via Network Solutions

DotNetNuke Twitter XSL Transformation

I have become a big fan of Twitter. It helps bridge the gap between blog posts and IM. It's also a great way to keep people informed quickly and easily. Of course, the very first thing I wanted to do was display the tweets on the various DotNetNuke sites I own and operate. The XSLT transform that comes with DotNetNuke was pretty ugly when displaying the Twitter RSS feed, so I hacked up some modifications using Visual Studio 2008. It provides a great IDE to debug XSLTs. The only spot of this XSLT that will need tweaking for you is … Continue reading DotNetNuke Twitter XSL Transformation