WARNING: Boycott WHOIS via Network Solutions

I have been in the habit for quite some time of still using the whois search by going to netsol.com (Network Solutions). For those that haven’t read the Left Behind book series, there is a very similar and ironic twist to the "netsol" concept and it stuck with me.

Anyway, I just learned the hard way today, that Network Solutions is now registering domains that have been searched for via their whois tool.

I was doing some preliminary research on the replacement for this year’s TulsaCodeCamp event, since I wanted to come up with something new, unique and maybe repeatable (hint). After seeing the available domain names and weighing the options, I went to register the domain I had picked using my usual registrar GoDaddy only to be informed it was no longer available.

I went back to "netsol" and this time when I searched it said "available here". Looking at their whois record and out of curiosity the whois record via GoDaddy, both said it was registered just today 1/29/08 by Network Solutions and even says "Available there".

Where is INTERNIC? This situation is only getting worse by the minute. Not only are there the lowest of the low, slimiest of the slime, cyber squatters who predatorily jump on a domain and put up nothing but a stupid search script. There’s the registrars that charge exorbitant late fees (like 12x annual fees) to renew at about 15 days late, then when you don’t bow to their demands, hold on to the domain for several years hosting nothing but the same stupid search scripts.

This is the one time I welcome some form of oversight, whether it be INTERNIC, the US Government, United Nations, somebody please end this. It is so very bad for the public, customers and the general internet populace.

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