Redmond Developer News – Windows 7 Lockdown cover article

The May 15, 2008 edition of Redmond Developer News magazine arrived at my door today. I had to immediately read the cover article: Windows 7 Lockdown. I must say out of everything in the article that is troubling, with the position that Microsoft is and has been taking with Windows 7, is the fact that Steven Sinofsky, now the senior vice president for the Windows® and Windows Live™ Engineering Group, formerly "oversaw the development of the Microsoft Office system". Don’t get me wrong. Microsoft Office is a minimum requirement for 99.99% of every person and is used hours upon hours … Continue reading Redmond Developer News – Windows 7 Lockdown cover article

Sitecore MailingList Module

I recently had the opportunity to work with the Sitecore 5.3 MailingList Module and since it was my first time, I had to hunt around the API to figure out how to have a site visitor subscribe and unsubscribe from a MailingList. The only thing I could find was this post by Alex Shyba from back in 2005 when I guess it was actually called the Newsletter module. This post is actually self serving, in that I will never have to hunt for it again. First, you of course have to install the MailingList Module and then Add a Reference … Continue reading Sitecore MailingList Module

Quick Catch Up – New Gig, New Focus, MVP Summit, TechEd 2008!

Okay. Here’s a few long overdue house cleaning items: 1. VSLive! Austin – Nov 14, 2007 – my presentation on the .NET 3.0 LIVE! Track went very well – Putting it all together with .NET 3.0: Presentation, Services and Workflows. I finally got to see some of the heavy hitter presenters – Billy Hollis, Ken Getz, Mark Michaelis, Richard Hale Shaw, PDSA, Inc and Michael Stiefel. 2. New Employer – Back in March, I switched employers! I am now a Technical Specialist for The Revere Group, an NTT Data Company. Where I have been focusing primarily on public facing web … Continue reading Quick Catch Up – New Gig, New Focus, MVP Summit, TechEd 2008!