Zain Naboulsi rocked the house with LINQ Features in Visual Studio 2008!

I felt compelled to blog about the presentation that our regional Microsoft MSDN Developer Evangelist – Zain Naboulsi gave tonight for the TulsaDevelopers.NET users group. Watch out Jason Townsend and the newly formed Bartlesville .NET User Group you are in store for an awesome presentation tomorrow at lunch!

Zain did an awesome job of explaining LINQ in the easiest to understand way that I think I’ve ever heard it so far. Plus, squashed all reasons for not using it.

He didn’t just stop at explaining it though. He really showed how we can take advantage of the tools provided by Visual Studio 2008 to more efficiently and effectively utilize LINQ in our projects.

He showed us how easy it is to take advantage of the source project Scott Guthrie’s posted on his blog: LINQ to SQL Debug Visualizer and drove home the point that you can easily create your own visualizers as well.

It was pretty obvious by the end of the meeting that everyone in attendance was sold on using it and is *maybe* as much as Zain is.

Don’t just take my word for. Zain has published 22 webcasts "that can change your life" covering the nuts and bolts of how to effectively use Visual Studio 2008 and his LINQ Features in Visual Studio 2008 is there as well.

I’ll be watching them all shortly. Just to see how well the webcasts catch the "Zain Experience".

Of course, he mentioned his now (in)famous Second Life .NET Developers User Group. He assured me that we can jump straight to the island and not have to worry about the non-family friendly avatars that could be found in Second Life. Maybe I can talk my wife into letting me attend one now, we shall see.

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