CNBC – America’s Top States for Business 2008

I just happened to see the blog post by Jason Edwards about how his state, Texas, is ranked # 1  on CNBC’s Top States for Business 2008 rankings.

So of course I was curious, how well would Oklahoma rank? Well it appears we’ve moved up 4 spots from # 32 to # 28.

What’s really odd is the really bad drop from # 9 to # 30 on the Workforce category and the huge jump in Economy from # 26 to # 3.

What’s disappointing is Education practically stayed flat from # 47 to # 45 and Technology & Innovation did stay flat at # 35.

Remember folks, this is out of 50!

All this and we border Texas (ranked # 1!). I think Education, Technology and now Workforce are the biggest issues with our state at the moment. Economy, Cost of Doing Business and Cost of Living are practically as good as you can get.

To me, what it sounds like this all means, in Oklahoma you can live cheap and run a business cheap in a strong economy, but don’t expect many educated, technically advanced workers. Sad.

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