2009 Kicks Off Busy As Ever, INETA Speaker Bureau News and a new Geekette is on the way!

Happy New Year! At the pace that 2009 has started off at it is very obvious it will be a very successful year. Bad Economy? Ha!

Please help me congratulate the 16 new speakers welcomed into the INETA NORAM Speakers Bureau (in no particular order):

1. Chris Williams
2. Keith Elder
3. Jason Bock
4. Claudio Lassala
5. Rachel Appel
6. Andrew Dunn
7. Chris Love
8. Cory Smith
9. Tim Rayburn
10. Jim Wooley
11. Rob Windsor
12. Amanda Laucher
13. Adam Machanic
14. Stuart Celarier
15. Pete Brown
16. Steve Andrews

Thank you to all who submitted applications. The selection process was very difficult and the number of applicants overwhelming, because of this we will be having a second round in the first quarter of 2009.

Have your local INETA User Group request them to come and deliver a presentation. If you are not a member of one, join one, if there is not one near you, start one – http://www.ineta.org.

“You can learn more together than you ever could alone.”

We appreciate everyone’s past and future community contributions.

It is a very exciting time! We are also launching the new INETA NORAM Regional Speakers Bureau more details will be announced shortly. We are still accepting applications for this new speaker bureau.

We just had an ultrasound done and now know that baby # 5 is a Geekette and will be here May/June!

Happy New Year!

Source: ASPAdvice Blog