First annual NWA TechFest event was a huge success!

I am proud to say that the NWA community came out and did the first NWA TechFest justice!

Due to a few minor glitches in the first run of the touch screen kiosks, we were unable to get an exact head count. It was very safe to say we had over 250+ attendees. The volunteers ran the registration through the kiosks this time, but next time, at the 5th annual Tulsa TechFest – Friday, November 12th, it will be all Self-Service Touch screen kiosks.

All the speakers did excellent jobs and the evaluations are still coming in, but they have all been very good so far!

Special kudo’s were given to our keynote presenter Microsoft’s Murray Vince, General Manager OEM Embedded, Field & Service Partners, for coming up with a new term in the title of his presentation: Retail Computure: The Retail Computing Future!

There will be more news and information from the event released as it comes in. The attendee’s donated a total of $269 to the big local non-profit community program: The Jones Center. We are still waiting on the weight from the NWA Food bank for the cans that were donated.

Thanks to all who attended and help make it a huge success!

Even my last minute filler session that I had to deliver: “Your Data in the Cloud Securely using OData (The Open Data Protocol) was well attended! You can find the slides here:

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Source: ASPAdvice Blog