Microsoft Surface :)

Have a look on the Microsoft new computing Device called “Surface” aka Project code “Milan”.‘Surface’ will change the way we look at computing.Click on the image & link below to learn more. Its awesome 🙂 Microsoft unveils revolutionary device

Known Issues when upgrading to Microsoft Dynamicsâ„¢ AX 4.0

This page in Partnersource includes Known Issues when upgrading Microsoft Business Solutions – Axapta 3.0 to Microsoft Dynamicsâ„¢ AX 4.0. It contains references to existing documentation, corrections and addendums to existing documentation as well as technical issues that may not be documented anywhere else. Its a must read. Click here to access { Requires Partnersource Logon}

Tech.Ed SEA 2007

Tech•Ed SEA 2007, Microsoft’s premier & largest annual conference in the South East Asia region, focuses on newly released products such as of Microsoft Office along with content about upcoming releases such as Windows Server code name “Longhorn”. At Tech•Ed SEA 2007, you’ll get to meet the best experts of SEA [not Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew of the Black Pearl 😉 ] For four days in September, you can get technical training, information and resources to help you build, deploy, secure, mobilize, and manage solutions. Tech•Ed SEA 2007 features: More than 120 breakout sessionsThis year’s event will feature … Continue reading Tech.Ed SEA 2007

NumberSequences:: Deep Dive

Previously I had posted about how to create new NumberSequences in AX for both existing & new modules. I’ll share some important objects about NumberSequences.Number sequences handle the automatic allocation of ID numbers, vouchers, andjournal numbers.A number sequence is created under MAIN MENU->BASIC->SETUP->NUMBERSEQUENCES->NUMBER SEQUENCE.From a developers point of view, these are the tables which are important.• NumberSequenceTable contains the definitions of each number sequence.• NumberSequenceList holds numbers for continuous number sequences that have not been completed or are currently reserved.• NumberSequenceReference holds which number sequence is used for which function.• NumberSequenceGroup is a list of number sequence groups. • NumberSequenceGroupRef … Continue reading NumberSequences:: Deep Dive

Microsoft Dynamics enables Real-World SOA to connect your business vision with software

Businesses need to connect processes, people, and information within the organization and across organizational boundaries. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an emerging architectural style that helps meet these demands. Microsoft Dynamics has made investments in Web services and other SOA technologies across our product lines to help organizations take a “Real-World” approach to SOA. Click here to download the white paper to learn more about SOA and Dynamics

Microsoft TechMela 2007 | INDIA

TechMela is an evolution of the erstwhile TechEd, Mobile and Embedded Developers’ Conference, and IndiMIX. TechMela is a fusion of the latest technologies, business gurus, and structured learning experiences – all you can ask for, in one grand, mother-of-all-tech-events! Its a must attend . Registrations open. Click on the image below for the TechMela landing page.

DAX 4.01 .NET Business Connector: Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessConnectorNet

The Business Connector is a Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 component that enables external applications to interact with Application Object Server instances. Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessConnectorNet Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 now includes two versions of the Business Connector; a COM version, and the new .NET version.The .NET Business Connector provides a set of managed classes that provide easy access to X++ functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0. It is installed with and used to support the functionality in the EP server, Reporting server,and Application integration server roles. The .NET Business Connector can be installed as a stand-alone component, and used to develop third-party applications … Continue reading DAX 4.01 .NET Business Connector: Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessConnectorNet

Microsoft Dynamicsâ„¢ AX 3.0 Service Pack 6

Microsoft Dynamicsâ„¢ AX 3.0 Service Pack 6 has been released. Click on the link below to download the SYP/GLP corrections as well as a download for each updated DIS/DIP layer. Microsoft Dynamicsâ„¢ AX 3.0 Service Pack 6 {Requires Partnersource Logon}