MSDynamicsWorld – Another nice resource for the Dynamics Community

There is another great site for the MS Dynamics community. The best part of this site is the collection of related whitepapers (Industry Specific) and its functional content. It features contents & articles on all Dynamics products (AX,NAV,CRM,SL & GP). The whitepapers are specially very interesting and informative.The “Case Studies” section is also very nice where you can get industry/product related information. The “Add on Showcase” features some great add ons along with Demos. GREAT 🙂Its a must look.Click image to visit URL Happy DAX-ing 🙂

Online Directory of Microsoft Dynamics Add-on Products

You are all aware of ISV solutions for MS Dynamics. These add on solutions extend the industry specific functionality of MS Dynamics products. Often during solution scoping, one if left with the task of searching for such add on products. Of course there is a list available on Partnersource & MSPP site but that requires authentication. Robert Anderson has put up an Online Directory of Microsoft Dynamics Add-on Products which lists ad on products for the Dynamics suite. It is a great landing page for someone who wishes to know about available add on solutions for Dynamics. This site already … Continue reading Online Directory of Microsoft Dynamics Add-on Products

Microsoft Dynamics AX Technology Webcast Series

There is a nice series of AX Technical webcasts available at Partnersource and is very nice 🙂The series starts with an introduction to Microsoft Technology Platform and how various components of Microsoft technologies are utilized by Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0. The second Webcast in the series provides a roadmap of Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0. Remaining webcasts are focused on dedicated technical topics starting with “Integration with AD and AOS Clustering” and ending with “Microsoft Dynamics AX Security”.The Topics include:–Microsoft Dynamics AX: MS Roadmap -Microsoft Dynamics AX Roadmap -Microsoft Dynamics AX: AD Integration & AOS Clustering -Microsoft Dynamics AX: .NET Business … Continue reading Microsoft Dynamics AX Technology Webcast Series

Reporting & BI in AX: An Overview [Level 100]

Reporting & BI in AXBusiness Performance Management features in a Business Application enable users across an organization to access and analyze data relevant to their functional roles in a timely and secure manner to enable improved business insight and better decision making. The term Business Intelligence or BI for short, is commonly used in the industry to label Products and Technologies that support implementing, integrating, and deploying Business Performance Management solutions to enable employees across an organization gain deeper business insight and make informed decisions. Microsoft BI Roadmap & Dynamics AX.Microsoft Business Intelligence offers a complete suite of products that … Continue reading Reporting & BI in AX: An Overview [Level 100]