“How Do I” Videos — Dynamics AX

The Dynamics AX 2009 EP has undergone some major changes. Couple of “How Do I” Videos have been uploaded at MSDN by Mey and his team. Its a must download. “How Do I” Videos — Dynamics AX Also check out the AX EP team BLOG AX EP Team BLOG Check it out during the weekend 🙂

AX 2009 Workflows: A Quick overview

Here is a quick overview on AX 2009 Workflow…a feature long awaited 🙂Workflow – “Machine readible code for a business process”-Feature of Base AX 2009 -Workflow components reside on a Web Server -Utilizes the Windows orkflow Foundation (.NET 3.0) -Utilizes the AX Batch framework -Requires AD User for Workflow -Requires exclusive site on IIS to function -The Workflow components on the Web server use the .NET BC to communicate with the AOS using Workflow system account(existing AX user). Architecture overview:- Setup (Steps):- -Setup AD User for Workflow Account & configure in AX -Setup & Configure IIS on Web Server -Setup … Continue reading AX 2009 Workflows: A Quick overview

Using AX .NET BC to create Purchase Orders

A small but nice project to create multiline Purchase Orders in AX from a .NET Windows application. In this small POC, there is a Windows Application (C#) which uses the .NET BC to create PO into AX. Its a simple demo but can be extended to other areas like journals, Sales Orders , Inventory Transactions (any multiline header – detail type). For this a small class is written inside AX which exposes the logic. I have used the AXPurchTable() & AXPurchLine() classes to enter PO in AX. There is a similar post in MSDN (Using Axapta Business Connector to Create … Continue reading Using AX .NET BC to create Purchase Orders