Using AX .NET BC to create Purchase Orders

A small but nice project to create multiline Purchase Orders in AX from a .NET Windows application. In this small POC, there is a Windows Application (C#) which uses the .NET BC to create PO into AX. Its a simple demo but can be extended to other areas like journals, Sales Orders , Inventory Transactions (any multiline header – detail type). For this a small class is written inside AX which exposes the logic. I have used the AXPurchTable() & AXPurchLine() classes to enter PO in AX. There is a similar post in MSDN (Using Axapta Business Connector to Create Microsoft Business Solutions–Axapta Sales Orders) but that uses the COM Connector & consists only of a single line. This sample can support multiline PO :). I have not worked too much on the validations & other advanced areas. The C# code also may not be the best 🙂 but its simple.

The video on how to use it is attached below [Assumes that the current logged in user has User rights to AX]
AX Purchase Order using .NET BC
AX Purchase Order using .NET BC

I have also uploaded all source files in the link below.

Let me know if anyone has a better way of doing this.
Happy DAXING 🙂

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