Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 has RTM’ed today :-)

The 2nd book from Microsoft Press on Microsoft Dynamics AX has RTM’ed today and is available on Amazon to preorder. As per sources, this book will be available from June 10th onwards. I had a small involvement in this book and I recommend this to all AX 2009 developers. This is a must read if you want to get your fundamentals cleared. Lots of detailed information on AX 2009 Architecture, EP & Role centre, Workflows, AIF, Performance and so on. Click on the image below to preorder.

AX 2009 & Office Business Applications [OBA]

A small example of Dynamics AX 2009 , OBA, .NET BC & Web Services (AIF). I found this OBA & WCF thing pretty interesting and did a simple demo which enables a developer to use VSTO to customize Excel which connects to AX 2009 using 2 ways (.NET BC & AIF WS) and retreives the customer list and populates the excel sheet. A very simple example with great potential. Basically the demo consists of customizing the Ribbon in Excel 2007, adding buttons which fetches the customer master from AX 2009 using .NET BC & AIF WS. The sample code (VS … Continue reading AX 2009 & Office Business Applications [OBA]