SQL Database Performance Monitoring- Nice Tool

There is some problem with the database server...” is a very common term I hear often from clients who face performance related issue with AX. Well database tuning is very important and impacts performance but is not the only thing that needs to be looked. Some other things are:

Recently I was investigating some DB related issue by using SQL Native tools like DMV’s, DTA etc and also looking for some other utilities which would provide some dashboard view of the AX Database and hit upon a nice tool ‘SQL Sentry’.
I decided to take it for a spin on the AX 2009 database and the results were kind of impressive. The Performance Advisor for SQL Server Dashboard and the Disk Activity were nice. Really gives a nice overview to the DB Admin for monitoring and troubleshooting. Nice tool to complement with the native SQL Server tools. Attaching some screenshots I did on AX and SQL Sentry. Basically I had the test data in AX 2009 and ran some resource intensive tasks like Master Scheduling, Multiline journal posting and monitored them using this tool and was pretty impressed with the output. The counters are nice and highly informative(DISK IO).
Activity Dashboard:

Disk Activity:

You may like to take it for a spin 🙂
Happy DAX-ing

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