Company Profile, Social networking inside Dynamics AX 2009

I was working on an AX CRM implementation where the need for social networking & company profiling came. Requirement was that BD people should have access to social networking information, stock informations for applicable Business relations which would help them do a profiling of the BR. With the widespread use of social networking like twitter, linkedIn etc, some feature need to be inside AX. Well I like such challenges and did a small POC to show stock information inside AX. Integration to LinkedIn is in WIP :-).
I added a flag in BR for the BR the sales people wanted to track.

Then I built a small and simple form to show the flagged BR. The user would have to add the ticker symbol (careful as these are case sensitive) and then can view stock information for the BR . I’ve used Yahoo Financials for the charts and can be used to see for multiple duration as shown.

The integration to LinkedIn is in WIP and will try to complete that when I get some time :-(. I’ve also added a small video and have uploaded the XPO. This was done in AX 2009 SP1 Vanilla. I’ve modified the smmBusRelTable so take care to import the XPO. It would be great if we could have such information inside Dynamics AX 🙂

The Video is here.

The XPO and the video is also uploaded in SkyDrive . You need to have internet connection to make this work.

Happy DAX-ing 🙂

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