The Publisher Tip Sheet

Tip 1. If you just want a standard blank page to begin your document, press ESC at the Catalog screen. This will give you a default page using your default printer settings.Tip 2. Getting the wrong default printer, page size or orientation? Publisher gets this information from your printer driver, so this is where you need to make changes. Firstly, exit Publisher, and all other applications. To change the printer settings, open the Printers Folder — Start: Settings: Printers. You may have more than one printer installed, so if you need to, change the default printer by selecting the printer, … Continue reading The Publisher Tip Sheet

Organize your Publisher Templates Pane

What we have here is a little known secret which we are now exposing to everyone! This tutorial will walk you through organizing your templates into a folder hierarchy. Doing so will help you find your custom templates within Publisher’s Task Pane much easier. If you already have existing templates, you will need to follow this tutorial and apply these changes to each one individually.  Figure 01 By default, if you don’t have any templates, you will not see a “My Templates” section in the New Publication Task Pane (See Fig. 01) Step 1: Open your existing template (or create a new template) in … Continue reading Organize your Publisher Templates Pane

Customize your Design Gallery

And here we have yet another hidden secret that has been in Publisher for many…many years. “My Objects” in the Design Gallery. Don’t confuse this with your Clip Art/Design Gallery. This is a whole different beast. This is Publisher 2003 that we are talking about. Publisher has its own little own Design Gallery, and it’s really starting to show its age. Nevermind the fact that they updated the interface a smidgen here and there, and popped in a couple new themes. Overall, the Design Gallery remains largely unchanged and unused. Believe it or not, this can and should be used in your daily creation … Continue reading Customize your Design Gallery