Organize your Publisher Templates Pane

What we have here is a little known secret which we are now exposing to everyone! This tutorial will walk you through organizing your templates into a folder hierarchy. Doing so will help you find your custom templates within Publisher’s Task Pane much easier. If you already have existing templates, you will need to follow this tutorial and apply these changes to each one individually.

 Figure 01

By default, if you don’t have any templates, you will not see a “My Templates” section in the New Publication Task Pane (See Fig. 01)

Step 1: Open your existing template (or create a new template) in Publisher.

 Figure 02

Step 2: Go to File > Save As
and be sure that you save your Publisher file as a template. Change the “Save as type” to Publisher Template. This will make sure we are also working on the template and not a new publication from your template. 

Step 3: If you close out of Publisher then reopen Publisher and access the New Publication Task Pane (File > New) , you will now see the new Section labeled Templates > My Templates.

 Figure 03

In this tutorial I used an Avery label template that I created as a sample.

Step 4: Open the template again. Now go to File > Properties and access the Summary tab. Look for the section under the Summary tab called Category. This is where you will want to enter a friendly name that you want to appear in your New Publication Task Pane for this category of templates that you want stored. I have a bunch of custom Avery Label templates that I want to have separated from my other templates, so I choose Avery Templates as my friendly name.

Step 5: This step is entirely optional, but I recommend it. While still in your File > Properties dialog you will notice under the Summary tab there is another section called Title

 Figure 04

If your template doesn’t have a very friendly file name, this would be an excellent way to give the file a secondary name which appears in your new Templates Section. For example, the file I am working with shows up with the name of Avery 8066 Template (see template preview thumbnail in Fig. 03 on the right side with the blue border). But by changing the title, I can have the Template appear with a more friendly name, 8066 – File Folders

 Figure 05

Because the template appears under the new Avery Template section in the task pane, I felt it was redundant to have Avery in the title. It also shows File Folders in the name, which at a quick glance will tell you what you normally use this template for. As a note, this will NOT change the actual file name.

Step 6: In order for these changes to be saved you will need to be sure to go to File > Save.

Step 7: Now go to File > Exit. Then reopen Publisher and go to File > New.

Step 8: You should now see that your templates are appearing in their own category, with friendly titled thumbnails to the right (unless you have moved your task pane to the right of your screen.

 Figure 06

Step 9: As you can see you will see thumbnail previews separated by category.

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