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December 16, 2009

ASP.NET: Setting Focus in Modal Dialogs

Filed under: ASP.NET,C#,VB.NET @ 11:34 am

I just wanted to set focus to a TextBox on a modal dialog created using the ModalPopupExtender. How hard can it be? As a Physics and Math major, I spent my student years using logic to attack problems and solve puzzles. So I was a little concerned when my daughters learned the "guess and check" […]

December 15, 2009

ASP.NET: Clearing Modal Dialogs

Filed under: ASP.NET,C#,VB.NET @ 3:08 pm

In my last post, I demonstrated how to build a modal dialog using the AJAX control in ASP.NET. As soon as you add validation to your modal dialog you will find the same issue that I did: Cancelling the dialog does not clear the content or validation messages. Take this user scenario for example. 1) […]

ASP.NET: Modal Dialogs

Filed under: ASP.NET,C#,VB.NET @ 2:27 pm

There are often times when your Web design includes a modal dialog. For example:  a login form, a dialog for entering basic information, a search form, or a data entry form. This post covers how to build a modal dialog in ASP.NET. There are several advantages to using a modal dialog instead of another Web […]

December 11, 2009

ASP.NET: Buttons

Filed under: ASP.NET,C#,VB.NET @ 5:27 pm

Creating nice looking buttons for ASP.NET is still in the category of "I can’t believe it is STILL this hard". As more and more normal people use great looking Web sites, Silverlight apps and even their IPhones, they experience some really nice user interfaces. I’d like to do those things in my Web application as […]

ASP.NET: Gradients

Filed under: ASP.NET,C#,VB.NET @ 12:47 pm

My first Xaml/Silverlight post was on gradients, it seems only right that my first ASP.NET post should cover the same topic. I started Web development in the 90’s using VB 5/6 and classic ASP and learned all about HTML, CSS, Javascript, DOM, XML, XSL, and all of the other related technologies. This lead to writing […]

Silverlight: Wish List

Filed under: C#,Silverlight,VB.NET @ 10:29 am

Yes, it is that time of the year when we put together our holiday wish list and hope Santa has us on his "nice" list. Here are some of the accessories that I really wish I would get for my Silverlight. NOTE: These are based on the Silverlight 3.0 release. I have not checked whether […]

December 4, 2009

Silverlight: ComboBox SelectedItem

Filed under: C#,Silverlight,VB.NET @ 8:08 pm

When last we saw our Silverlight ComboBox in this prior post, it was correctly populating, but as we paged through the records in our DataForm, the SelectedItem was not set correctly.   In XAML: <ComboBox ItemsSource=     “{Binding Data, Source={StaticResource CustomerTypeSource}}”      DisplayMemberPath=”CodeText”      SelectedItem=”{Binding CustomerTypeId, Mode=TwoWay}”/> Regardless of the customer type for a Customer, […]

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