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February 9, 2010

ASP.NET: Styling a GridView

Filed under: ASP.NET,C#,VB.NET @ 6:20 pm

This post provides some tips for styling the GridView control. The prior post here demonstrates how to use the GridView with your business objects. This post builds upon that example and demonstrates how to style a GridView. Use these techniques any time you want to add some style to your GridView control, regardless of how […]

February 1, 2010

ASP.NET: Mega Menus

Filed under: ASP.NET,C#,VB.NET @ 5:10 pm

I have been giving much thought to ASP.NET and Silverlight menus of late. While doing research on existing sites and how they are handling menus, I came across the concept of a "mega menu". A mega menu is basically a drop down menu that contains many, many options. It provides a user with a quick […]

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