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April 29, 2010

ToString and the Visual Studio Debugger

Filed under: C#,Debugging,VB.NET @ 5:50 pm

It is always useful to override the ToString method on each your classes. This is especially true when using the Visual Studio debugger. This example uses the list created in this prior post. The list is returned from a function and the breakpoint is set immediately after  the return statement. Here is what the data […]

Collection Initializers

Filed under: C#,OOP,VB.NET @ 5:08 pm

One of the new features in VB 10.0 is collection initializers. Collection initializers allow you to initialize an array or list in a single line of code. (C# has had collection initializers since C# 3.0. The examples here show both C# and VB for completeness.) This example uses the customer class defined here and builds […]

April 21, 2010

VS 2010: Test View Error

Filed under: C#,Testing,VB.NET @ 11:01 pm

I was working on an application in Visual Studio 2010 today, opened the Test View window and got an exception as shown below. Here is the first part of the error in text: "An exception was encountered while constructing the content of this frame…" With the help of Chuck Sterling, I got an answer on […]

April 20, 2010

Requiem to the VS 2003/2005/2008 Database Project

Filed under: C#,VB.NET @ 12:16 am

Sometimes a tool comes along that is so demure yet so useful and easy to use, it is very hard to say good-bye. But our easy breezy Database project from Visual Studio 2003, Visual Studio 2005, and Visual Studio 2008 is now gone. It was replaced with a new young tool that is more full-featured, […]

April 13, 2010

Optional Parameters and Delegates

Filed under: C#,VB.NET @ 12:27 am

This prior post mentioned that optional parameters can be used in delegates. While this is true for C#, it is not true in VB. The prior post covered the new optional parameters feature in C# 4.0. It also included the comparable VB.NET code since VB has had optional parameters from the beginning. This post provides […]

April 11, 2010

Auto-Implemented Properties

Filed under: C#,VB.NET @ 8:21 pm

One of the new features in VB 10.0 is auto-implemented properties. Auto-implemented properties are a shorter syntax for your property statements that automatically implement a backing field so you don’t have to manually define one. (C# has had auto-implemented properties since C# 3.0. The examples here show both C# and VB for completeness.) In this […]

Optional Parameters

Filed under: C#,VB.NET @ 7:19 pm

One of the new features in C# 4.0 is optional parameters, which is the ability to define a function parameter with a default value. When the function is called, the caller can optionally define the argument for the parameter or leave it off. If it is not defined, the default value is used. (VB has […]

April 7, 2010

VS 2010: Enhanced IntelliSense Matching

Filed under: C#,VB.NET,Visual Studio @ 1:27 am

One of the features of Visual Studio that really helps with programming productivity is IntelliSense. The IntelliSense List Members feature not only provides lists of valid members, it also short-cuts your typing of those members. And now with VS 2010, it is even better. Here is an example of the Intellisense List Members using VS […]

April 4, 2010

VS 2010: Box Selection New Features

Filed under: C#,VB.NET,Visual Studio @ 10:56 pm

Box selection has been extended in Visual Studio 2010 to include text insertion. (If you are not familiar with the Visual Studio box selection feature, see this prior post.) Box selection with text insertion allows you to select a block set of text in Visual Studio and replace it with alternate text. Begin by holding […]

Box Selection and Stored Procedures

Filed under: C#,VB.NET,Visual Studio @ 10:36 pm

When I found out what box selection can do (as described in this earlier post), my first thought was of stored procedures. Especially those update stored procedures with all of that typing! If you build your stored procedures in Visual Studio, you can save lots of typing time by leveraging the box selection feature in […]

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