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May 2, 2010

VS 2010 Database Project: Using an Existing Database

Filed under: C#,VB.NET,Visual Studio @ 8:20 pm

The new Visual Studio 2010 Database Project, as described in this prior post, makes it easy to work with scripts for an existing database directly within Visual Studio. You can automatically build scripts for your existing tables, stored procedures, indexes, constraints, and so on. You can then check these scripts into and out of source […]

VS 2010 Database Project: An Introduction

Filed under: C#,VB.NET,Visual Studio @ 7:54 pm

Visual Studio 2010 has a new Database Project. The scripts in this new Database project define your database just like the files in your code projects define your application. The prior Database project (the one under the "Other Projects" node in VS 2003/2005/2008 as detailed in this prior post), was simply a storage container for […]

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