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February 25, 2011

Silverlight: Wish List II

Filed under: Silverlight @ 8:04 pm

Just in time for the Academy Awards, this post sounds more like a movie title (similar to Death Wish III) than a post asking for new features. But here it is, my "wish list" for features in Silverlight Version "Next". 1) Setting the default file name and location in the print dialog. a) This item […]

February 19, 2011

Silverlight Charting: Displaying Data Above the Column

Filed under: Silverlight @ 8:24 pm

When displaying a column chart, you may want to display the column value above the column in the chart. Something like this: This prior post sets the ground work for displaying a chart. This post covers how to modify the chart to display text above each column. Like most other changes to the chart columns, […]

Silverlight Charting: Setting the Tooltip

Filed under: Silverlight @ 6:04 pm

By default, Silverlight charts display a tooltip when the user hovers over the chart but it is not very fancy. Here is an example: So it says 97. Is that a count? Number of points? Percent? This prior post sets the ground work for displaying a chart. This post covers how to modify the tooltip […]

Silverlight Charting: Setting Colors

Filed under: Silverlight @ 4:47 pm

When working with charts, by default the built-in styling sets the chart colors. But there may be times that you want to control the colors. This post covers a technique for manually setting the chart colors. This prior post sets the ground work for displaying a chart. This current post adds color definition to the […]

Silverlight Simple MVVM Printing

Filed under: C#,Silverlight,VB.NET @ 2:02 pm

Many users want to print information from your line of business (LOB) application. This post covers the simple case where the user wants to print a copy of what they see on the screen. But instead of putting the print code in the code behind file, it follows a Model-View-View/Model (MVVM) approach. NOTE: This post […]

February 15, 2011

Visual Studio Live! Conference in Las Vegas

Filed under: C#,General,VB.NET @ 3:56 pm

There is so much to know these days with all of the new technologies, techniques, and tools in Visual Studio and the .NET framework. How do you even decide which technologies deserve your attention and which you can "give a miss"? One of the benefits of a technical conference like Visual Studio Live! is to […]

February 14, 2011

Silverlight MVVM Commanding II

Filed under: C#,Silverlight,VB.NET @ 12:47 am

This prior post introduced commanding in Silverlight for use with MVVM. However, the built-in Silverlight commanding only works for controls that inherit from ButtonBase, such as Button and HyperlinkButton. This post provides information on implementing commanding for other Silverlight controls. For example, the application displays a DataGrid. A click on a grid row should display […]

February 12, 2011

Silverlight Simple MVVM Commanding

Filed under: C#,Silverlight,VB.NET @ 6:25 pm

As you build your line of business (LOB) applications, you will need to process commands. In many cases, these commands are executed when the user clicks a button. For example, when the user clicks the Save button, the code needs to process a Save "command" and perform the save. One way to handle the commands […]

February 7, 2011

Microsoft MVP Forum Award Recipient

Filed under: C#,General,VB.NET @ 8:30 pm

I was very honored to hear last week that I won one of the Microsoft MVP Forum awards for top answerers. With 2879 posts last year (2010), I was able to provide 1174 answers in the MSDN forums: I really enjoy working with the developers in the forums. It is fun to see what […]

Simple Silverlight MVVM Base Class

Filed under: ASP.NET RIA Services,C#,Silverlight,VB.NET @ 12:54 am

As you start to add more Views and associated View/Models to your Silverlight line of business (LOB) application, you will notice that the classes include some common and repeated code. Building a simple base class for your View/Models provides a single place for that common code. NOTE: This post is part of a series that […]

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