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March 27, 2011

Heading out of the Country

Filed under: General @ 10:11 pm

I am heading to London, Paris, Bruges, and Amsterdam later this week. Anyone have any suggestions for "must see" attractions or "must eat" restaurants? My oldest daughter has been doing her college semester abroad in London. She has the full month of April off for her spring break, so I’m visiting for a week. Later […]

March 5, 2011

Silverlight Charting: Formatting the Tick Marks

Filed under: Silverlight @ 4:53 pm

The tick marks on the charts may not look like much, but they can be helpful to clarifying the meaning of your charts. By default, the tick marks are small little black lines on each axis that identify the axis "ticks". See the following chart. (I put a red circle around one of them since […]

Silverlight Charting: Formatting the Axis

Filed under: Silverlight @ 3:41 pm

When displaying a chart, you may want to format the x and y axes. This post covers how to set the axis font color and wrap and angle the text. This prior post sets the ground work for displaying a chart. This post covers how to format the axis. This example formats the x-axis, but […]

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