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August 29, 2012

Adding Tools to Visual Studio 2012

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One of the very nice things about Visual Studio is that all of the tools you need are in one place. With one integrated development environment, you can build your database, create your resource strings, write your code, write and run unit tests, check into source control, and so on. And if you find another tool you like, you can add it easily to Visual Studio’s Tools menu to keep everything in one place.

Let’s walk through an example. Say we want to add the Convert.exe from this prior blog post to the Visual Studio menu.

1. Select Tools | External Tools.

The  External Tools dialog opens.


This is not the most user-friendly of dialogs. It takes a moment to figure out what you need to do here.

2. Click  the Add button.

This clears the bottom section in preparation for adding a new menu option to the Tools menu.

3. Enter the Title, executable, any needed arguments, and if desired, an initial directory.


4. Click OK

The defined tool is now on the Visual Studio Tools menu.


[The red box around the new menu option was added for clarity and won’t appear in Visual Studio.]

Use this technique any time you want to add your own tools to Visual Studio.


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  1.   ROBERT ADAMS — August 30, 2012 @ 11:55 am    Reply

    I have added a programmable software development tool which creates source from a set of software parts that are strictly compliant with the standard methods and processes requirements of ISO-9001.

    I have already have a development process that is strictly portable between windows and Linux environments, I am currently developing four sets of software parts that will render a strictly portable development process between C,C++,C#, and Visual Basic.

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