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August 7, 2015

Angular Custom Services: Factory vs Service

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When we want reusable code in our Angular application we build a custom Angular service. We can then use that service in any Angular code that needs it. There are several types of services available in Angular, but there are two types that are used most often: Factory and Service



We can create a service as an Angular factory, also known as a “factory service”.

Here is an example of a simple factory written in JavaScript:

app.factory(‘helloService’, function(){

   return {

      sayHello: function(text){

         return “Hello ” + text;


      sayGoodbye: function(text){

         return “Goodbye ” + text;




With a factory-style service we return an object with properties and methods. In this example, the object has two methods: sayHello and sayGoodbye.

This is the recommended and most commonly used type of custom service when coding in JavaScript.


Alternatively, we can create a service as an Angular service, also known as a “service service”.

Here is an example of a simple service written in JavaScript:

app.service(‘helloService’, function(){

   this.sayHello= function(text){

        return “Hello ” + text;


   this.sayGoodbye = function(text){

        return “Goodbye ” + text;



With a service-style service, we don’t return anything directly. Rather, we define the service properties and methods on “this”. Those methods may return something, but the service function itself does not.

In many scenarios, it is easier to use a service-style service when coding in TypeScript. In looking at the two different sets of code here, the body of the service code looks more similar to code we would expect to see within a class.


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