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April 23, 2018

“Angular NgRx: Getting Started” Problem Solver

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This blog post supports the sample code for the “Angular NgRx: Getting Started” course  on Pluralsight, identifying common issues along with their solutions.

The content of this post is based on Angular version >= 6.x unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The sample code can be found here: The folders in this repo include:

  • APM-Demo0: The starter files for this course. Use this to code along with the course.
  • APM-Demo1: Completed files after the First Look at NgRX module. It demonstrates a very simple NgRx example.
  • APM-Demo2: Completed files after the Strongly Typing Actions with Action Creators module. It refactors the simple example to include developer tooling support and strong typing.
  • APM-Demo3: Completed files after the Working with Effects module. It adds an effect to retrieve data via http. NOTE: Once we move the data retrieval to actions and the store, the create, update, and delete operations no longer work. These features are implemented with the store in the next demo
  • APM-Demo4: Completed files after the Performing Update Operations module. It adds the code needed for create, update, and delete operations via http.
  • APM-Demo5: Completed files after the Architectural Considerations module. It implements the container/presentational component pattern and the OnPush change detection strategy.

Please post to the Discussion tab for the course if you experience an issue not found in this post. Thanks!

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