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August 1, 2014

Boldly Code With Us: Preview of Visual Studio Live! Washington, D.C.

Filed under: AngularJS,General,Visual Studio @ 4:09 pm

Earlier this week I presented a preview of my two sessions for the Visual Studio Live! conference coming up in Washington DC on October 6-9, 2014. My two sessions at the conference are:

  • New IDE and Editor Features in Visual Studio 2013
  • Build an Angular and Bootstrap Web Application in Visual Studio from the Ground Up

In the preview, I outlined some of the new IDE and Editor features and then selected one to demonstrate.

I then provided an introduction to AngularJS, specifically what it is and why you may want to use it for development of client-side Web applications.

If you are interested, the recording of this preview presentation is posted here.


PS circleCheck out my Pluralsight courses!

July 30, 2014

Learn AngularJS at VSLive in Washington DC

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If you’ve ever been to Washington DC you know that it is filled with pomp and circumstance. It seems every activity is wrapped in ceremony.

That may be fun when touring history … but no so much when you are writing a Web application. When building an application you want to get work done, not spend lots of time on ritual and setup and ceremony.

AngularJS is all about simplification … getting rid of ritual and ceremony. With AngularJS …

  • You don’t have to write code to navigate the document object model (DOM) as you do with JQuery. No need to id everything and find the Ids on the page.
  • You don’t have to write any code that maps properties from your model to the UI and back again … AngularJS provides automatic two-way data binding.
  • You can easily call a Web service such as Web API.
  • You can write clean Web code!

Join me in Washington DC October 6-9 and learn how to use Angular to build your next Web application.

Use this promo code: DCSPK13 or click on the image below for more information or to register. You’ll save $400!



July 23, 2014

New Blog Host

Filed under: General @ 6:35 pm

My blog has just been migrated from Community Server to WordPress.

That means:

  • It has a nice new look!
  • As of right now, the image files are not linked.
  • Many of the links to my other blog posts are broken.

Let me know what you think of the new layout!

September 9, 2012

My Blog on Channel 9

Filed under: General @ 1:33 pm

It was cool to see that one of my posts was referenced on this week’s Channel 9: This Week on Channel 9: September 7th

Check it out.

September 5, 2012

I Tweet Therefore I Am

Filed under: General @ 1:30 am

You can now follow me on twitter: @DeborahKurata

August 25, 2012

Visual Studio Live! Redmond–August 2012

Filed under: C#,General,VB.NET,Visual Studio @ 7:35 pm

Had a GREAT time at Visual Studio Live in Redmond earlier this month.

If you are looking for the sample code from my talks, you can find it here.

Have feedback or questions from the talks? Feel free to post them in the comments below.


It’s Been a While

Filed under: General @ 4:47 pm

The news about the orphaning of Silverlight hit me like a rock. I dove head first into Silverlight/MVVM a few years ago and had begun to feel like I could bend it to my will. I was disappointed, unhappy, and just sad about this news.

Pair that with a very bad case of "empty nest" syndrome (I really miss my daughters!), and I was too low to get excited about creating a blog post.

A few weeks ago, I began to feel the weight of this depression ease. After having some fun with a preview of VS 2012, a European trip with my immediate family, a week in Wisconsin with my extended family, and a long week-end at Comic-Con with my oldest daughter, I was starting to feel normal again. (See the Comic-Con pictures here.)

I’m glad to be back here, in the blog-sphere.

May 14, 2011

Tech Ed 2011: Source Code for My Talk

Filed under: ASP.NET RIA Services,General,Silverlight @ 2:00 pm

I am presenting "Microsoft Silverlight, WCF RIA Services, and Your Business Objects" at the Tech Ed 2011 conference in Atlanta on May 18, 2011.

You can get the code for my talk from my company’s Web site. Look for the Tech Ed 2011 entry.

If you are at Tech Ed, come by and say hi. I will be at the Silverlight booth on Monday night and on Wednesday afternoon.


April 28, 2011

Goodbye Sarah Jane!

Filed under: General @ 10:07 am

Elisabeth Sladen died last week on April 19, 2011.

If you are a Doctor Who fan, you know Elisabeth as Sarah Jane Smith, companion to doctor’s three and four, a recurring character with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), and star of the Sarah Jane Adventures series.

I remember watching her with the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) when I was in college. It was such a treat to see her (and K-9) in the revival series with the Tenth Doctor in 2006.

I got my daughter so hooked on Doctor Who, that she watched many of the old episodes and found the Sarah Jane Adventures series online. When the Sarah Jane Adventures came to the SciFi channel, we TiVo’ed it.

Only the first series was broadcast in the US, but I understand that the second series is available on DVD. (To my family: Mother’s Day is coming up … hint hint.)

Goodbye Sarah Jane …

April 15, 2011

Visual Studio Live Las Vegas: Source Code for My Talks

Filed under: General @ 7:05 pm

In this prior post, I provided information on registering for the Visual Studio Live! conference on April 18-22  in Las Vegas and on the talks I am presenting at that conference. If you would like a "sneak peak" at the source code for my two talks, you can get it all from my company’s Web site.


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