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July 30, 2013

Creating a Table Script in a Database Project

Visual Studio 2012 introduced a new SQL Server Database Project. This post details how to create a new table script in your Database Project.

See this link for an introduction to the Visual Studio 2012 SQL Server Database Project.

To create a new table in a SQL Server Database Project:

1) In Solution Explorer, drill down into your SQL Server Database Project to dbo then to Tables.


2) Right-click on Tables and select Add | Table.


3) Enter the desired table name and click Add.

4) A script is added to the project for the new table:


5) The Table Designer is opened for entry of the table detail:


6) Use the Table Designer pane at the top OR the T-SQL pane on the bottom to define the columns for the table.

The two panes are kept in sync automatically.


7) Use the Properties window (View | Properties Window) to set additional properties for the fields on the table, such as the Identity information.


8) The defined properties are added to the script in the T-SQL pane:


9) When you have finished, click Save to save the script to the project.

Notice that there is no Update button on this designer. The table is not added to a database at this point. To update the database with the details from the new script, you need to publish the Database Project.

See this link for details on publishing a Database Project.

Use the Database Project to add table scripts instead of adding a table directly to your development database.


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