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January 22, 2014


Filed under: Visual Studio,XAML @ 1:57 pm

Posted my first curations today on Curah! Curah! is a Microsoft site for creating and managing curations (

From the Microsoft literature: "Curah! is designed to provide a simple and fun way to to share your expertise and passion by curating the best answers on the web. Our service empowers you, the community, and Microsoft’s partners to share personal knowledge, advice, and guidance to users of Microsoft products and technologies."

Here are the links to my curations:

Let me know what you think.


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  1.   Dave — October 19, 2016 @ 3:34 pm    Reply

    Hi Deborah. Curah seems to have bought the farm, so you may want to delete this post. I enjoy your courses on psight. Cheers.

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