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July 9, 2009

EastBay.NET Rocks!

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We had the pleasure of having Beth Massi present at our local .NET developer’s group, EastBay.NET, last night in Livermore, CA (East of San Francisco). Her excellent talk was on VB 10, C# 4, and Visual Studio 2010.

She showed off all of the new language features that are coming in the next release of Visual Studio with energy and great humor. I have not enjoyed a technical talk this much in a long time!

Beth covered the new features in VB 10 such as:

  • No more line continuation underscores (“_”) required in most situations, including LINQ statements.
  • Auto-implemented properties that save you time when your properties have no additional code in the getters and setters.
  • Collection initializers so you can create an entire collection of things in one line of code. (Thank goodness this does not require line continuation characters!)
  • Multiline lambda expressions and routines. Since lambdas are one of my favorite new things in VS 2008, it is good to see VB getting the same functionality that C# has now.

For more information, check this out.

She also covered the new features in C# 4 such as:

  • Dynamic support so C# can also have “late binding”.
  • Improved office programmability.

For more information, check this out.

Plus some features that are new to both languages:

  • Parallel processing (our EastBay.NET talk next month will cover this topic in detail)
  • Covariance and Contravariance. This is one of those technical features that if you ran into it while coding, you understand exactly what this is for, if not then it is more challenging to grasp. In less than two minutes, Beth provided the most concise and clear description of this feature I have ever heard (and I have heard many over these past few months).

Also at the meeting, Peter Tweed of Magenic gave a concise and informative FUNdamentals talk on AJAX options in ASP.NET. EastBay.NET does a half-hour session before the main meeting on short, fundamental topics. This month, Peter was able to cover five different options for using AJAX in an ASP.NET application. It was amazing to see him cover all five techniques including full code examples in just a half hour! For more information on his talk, check out his blog posting.

The attendees enjoyed the meeting and submitted comments: “Excellent!”, “Useful stuff!”, and “Very well done tonight!”

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  1.   Beth Massi — July 10, 2009 @ 10:54 am    Reply

    Thanks Deborah!

    I took the Co/ContraVariance example from Lucian’s blog. Glad I could explain it in “human”-ish terms 😉


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