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March 31, 2017

Here’s What Developers are Saying About the “Angular 2: Getting Started” Course

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I had well over 1000 comments in the “Angular 2: Getting Started” discussion section (and another 1200+ for the Angular beta version of the course) before livefyre shut it down. Here is a sample of some of the great comments left by course viewers:

What Developers Are Saying

I always thought Angular was hard, but your way of explaining it makes it easy to understand and fun.

Extreme quality tutorial as always!

Many thanks for this really good introduction to Angular 2. It is so refreshing to come across a course that I can understand.

I just completed the course.  It has been one of the best training courses I’ve viewed.  I came into this course not liking the idea of a paradigm shift from Angular 1 to 2, but after viewing this course, I like 2 much better than 1.

Maybe the best tutorial I’ve seen of all programming tutorials. Love the way how you start and finish every module with checklists and revisitings. Angular 2 seems so easy to learn with you.

I have been using Angular 1.5 for over a year in a pure .net environment.  I was confused by the many Angular2 training options that did not fully explain Node and NPM.  Your course has opened my eyes.  Thank you for your explanations.  Great  job!  And great course!!

Thank you for the awesome course, Deborah! I really enjoyed it, learned a lot and chuckled quite a few times – especially at the "ng for nnngular" and you going "Yay!" every time something works – mainly because I do the exact same while I’m coding! :)  Really informative, easy to follow and information rich course – thank you!

Your course is one of the best, if not the best in Pluralsight and it has made learning Angular 2 fun and a lot less stressful.

Finished up the course yesterday and I must say it was a great learning experience.  Your organization and content is very well thought out (I’m sure I’ll revisit the checklists at the end of each module many times.)  Your delivery and pace were also excellent.

If you would be my teacher in the college ,then i would have given 100% attendance. Haha 😛 . You explain everything in a very good manner :).

This course is awesome. Impressive clarity.

Such a great course! Really made me understand the basic patterns of Angular 2, which was all very confusing for me before taking the course. Thank you!

Thank you for the SUPERP material on Angular 2. I have been following along your course and able to build my project.

Excellent method of teaching. Organized, lucid, coherent, structured.

Great course! How can anyone watch it just once?

Thanks for very useful course, I have completed the course and start doing my own angular 2 project for web application.

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your course, it’s given me a good foundation for angular2.

i really enjoy this course  it is great for beginners.

Thanks for a wonderful angular2 getting started course! It’s really helpful.

Thanks for a wonderful insight into Angular 2.

Outstanding. Teaching is an art which you have it in you. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the awesome course. I really enjoyed it.

your course is one of my favorite in the pluralsight. you are doing a great job!

This is a wonderful course, thank you.

thank you so much for your wonderful tutorial . I really love your teaching method . make them easy to understand.

Thank you for this great course. It is so detail and easy to follow.

Thank you for a great course. I loved the little bits of personality that you dropped in randomly. It makes a big difference for me.

A very good and detailed course; in-particular the recap and the end of each module and the really good slides. I am keeping those as reference diagrams on my wall.

Awesome course, Deborah is so clear and organized that even an idiot like me can understand.

This is a very exciting tutorial. I have learned so easy the Angular 2 base knowledge. Thank you very much.

Great course Deborah. Its become my reference point for all things Angular2.

Very helpful and structured tutorials! I wish I found out about these earlier.

Thanks Deborah for an excellent tour of Angular 2. Course content/speed is just too good. 5 stars from me.

Thank you for such a wonderful course. I was able to build a small app with your course guidance.

Great course, enjoying it very much, and particularly appreciate the way you present the material in a way where you deliberately encounter the same issues other "newbies" to Angular would encounter, and present the very logical resolutions to them. In that way I’m coming the appreciate the plumbing required so much more quickly than via some other resources I’ve been using.

Excellent content, your course coupled with John Papa’s course really helped me  get up and running with Angular 2. You are very thorough in your coverage, keep up the good work…

Fantastic, fantastic job — clear, comprehensive throughout, with clearly explained and shown examples.

Thanks Deborah for this wonderful and easily understandable course.Your course is designed and explained in such a wonderful way that after this course i do not require to search for another.Great job…….

You are an excellent tutor. I am loving the course and in spite of having no knowledge about angular JS version 1 i am getting a hold of angular 2. Thanks a ton.

Thank you for this fantastic course on Angular 2. Having never programmed in Angular 2 before, I found this course to be very helpful on the basic concepts of Angular 2. The amount of of time and detail spent on each topic contributed greatly to my understanding of programming in Angular 2. I very much look forward to your next course on Angular 2 – Angular 2: Reactive Forms.

Thanks Deborah for another excellent course.  I finished it without any problems.  Keep them coming 🙂

Super course I thoroughly enjoyed and went through it twice.

You are the most amazing tutor because:

  • You make everything so simple to understand.
  • Rather bluntly developing app and saying "What to do?", you take the time to say "Why to do it?".
  • You gave clear insight by going to every minute details. It is important to understand the basics.
  • You repeat and remind the concepts to make it familiar. It makes remembering them easy.
  • After completing this course, I now understand Architecture of Angular Application. So, I can develop manageable angular applications.

What Developers Are Requesting

Could you add additional lesson for paging service in future, in addition to firebase database with angular 2?

It would be great if you can throw some light on how to make use of font-awesome css & icons in the same project.

Kindly share the course or session on JIT & AOT

using npm behind a corporate proxy is a major hassle.  Is this addressed in a class somewhere?

I would like to have lectures on Security ( Angular2 application in banking domain ) and Unit testing.

A course on a web framework is incomplete IMO without coverage on working with forms data as intended by that framework.
Basic CRUD, even if with a mocked-up in-memory storage. [Covered in “Angular 2: Reactive Forms”]

Up next, NodeJS, React or React Native maybe?

Record an Ionic 2 course please!

It would be nice to see an advanced version for it. Something with Animations, Authorization, automatic build, testing. Things like that. [Covered in “Angular 2 Fundamentals”]

In your next course can you pl address some advanced topics like Forms, Security, Angular Material2. [Forms are covered in “Angular 2: Reactive Forms”]


  1.   Noor — April 17, 2017 @ 12:23 am    Reply

    Any plans to do a course more complex joining angular 2 and Asp Core or web api 2 ?

    •   deborahk — April 18, 2017 @ 10:13 am    Reply

      Possibly. Thanks for asking!

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