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September 15, 2012

Layout of Test Explorer in Visual Studio 2012

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In Visual Studio 2012, the Visual Studio 2010 Test View window has been replaced by a new Test Explorer window.

By default, it appears on the left side of the Visual Studio Interactive Development Environment (IDE) as shown below:


(Red box added for illustration)

When you run the unit tests, the result appears in the bottom panel of the Test Explorer window:


Since many unit tests may have the same prefix and a long and descriptive name, docking the Test Explorer on the left often cuts off the unique portions of the names. Instead of making the window wider, consider moving it to the bottom:


(Red box added for illustration)

The test results now appear in the right panel of the Test Explorer window:


Moving the Test Explorer window from the left side to the bottom gives you more horizontal space to view the tests and their execution times. It also gives you more space to view the test results.


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    Deborah: Your blog simply rocks. Thank you!

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