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October 30, 2010

Setting Break Points in the Call Stack Window

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As you are debugging your application, you may want to set a break point further down the call stack. One way to do this is to double-click on the row in the Call Stack to navigate to the code, and then insert a breakpoint. But there is an easier way.

NOTE: For an introduction to using the Call Stack Window, see this post.

For example, in this sample application, the CustomerWin form calls a BindData method which calls a Retrieve method in the business layer which calls an ExecuteDataTable method in the data layer to retrieve the data. Here is the Call Stack window:


To assist with debugging, I want to set a break point when the call stack returns to BindData. Here are the steps:

1) Right-Click on the row that shows the call to BindData().

2) Select Breakpoint | Insert Breakpoint.

The Call Stack window then looks like this:


Pressing F5 to continue from the current breakpoint, the code will continue until it hits the BindData method.

Use this technique any time you want to set a breakpoint further up the call stack.


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