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February 25, 2011

Silverlight: Wish List II

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Just in time for the Academy Awards, this post sounds more like a movie title (similar to Death Wish III) than a post asking for new features. But here it is, my "wish list" for features in Silverlight Version "Next".

1) Setting the default file name and location in the print dialog.

a) This item requires that we have access to a system constant (similar to Environment.SpecialFolder). If necessarily, this could be limited to only the MyDocument folder.

2) Ability to select landscape or portrait printing.

3) Improved printing support for styling XAML elements.

a) My thought is to have some type of IsForPrinting flag on most UI elements. If this flag is set to true, the element does not appear except when printed. If this flag is set to false, the element does not appear when printing. If not set, it appears for both display and printing. This would allow developers to define one XAML page layout that would work for both display and printing.

b) A nicety here would also allow for setting the Visual Studio designer so you can see the "display view" or the "print view" so you can WYSIWYG both the display and print view of each page.

4) Expanded built in commanding support so that the InvokeCommandAction is not required.

a) See this reference for more information.

5) Fix to the themes to prevent the chart legend from going missing.

a) See this reference for more information.

6) Keep the expand/collapse of regions in the .xaml files.

a) This would be especially useful in the theme and style files. I spent a while and closed every style element in my theme and style files so I could easily scroll through to find the one style that I needed to edit. To my chagrin, the next time I opened the file the nodes were all opened.

7) Provide some type of refresh button or gesture to refresh the designer.

a) Frequently, changes to the theme or style file were not immediately reflected in the designer. So you either have to make an error in the xaml so it will allow you to fix the error and regenerate the designer UI, or you have to wait for a compile to cause the designer UI to update.

Any other suggestions?


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  1.   Derex — June 30, 2011 @ 6:47 am    Reply

    Wow, this is in every respect what I ndeeed to know.

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