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August 12, 2013

Transaction-SQL Editor

The Transact-SQL Editor option in Visual Studio 2012 allows you to query your database directly from Visual Studio. It is part of the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) provided in Visual Studio.

See this prior post for more information on SSDT.

With the Transact-SQL Editor option, you can connect to any running SQL Server instance. You can then write any T-SQL statement (or set of statements) and execute them.

To execute a query:

1) Select SQL | Transact-SQL Editor | New Query…

A standard connect dialog is displayed for you to connect to the desired instance of SQL Server.


2) Enter the appropriate connection information and click Connect.

The Transact-SQL Editor window is then opened.


3) Type in one or more T-SQL statements.


4) Click the Execute button (left most icon in the toolbar).

The results appear in the bottom pane.


Disappointingly, the results are not editable. So you can’t edit the data from this window. You can edit the T-SQL and run the query again.

Use the Transact-SQL Editor option any time you need to execute a query from within Visual Studio.


For more information on this and other Visual Studio 2012 features, see my Pluralsight course: Mastering Visual Studio 2012.

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