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October 24, 2013

Visual Studio 2013: Options Dialog

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The Tools | Options feature has been around forever. But in Visual Studio 2013 it got a few enhancements. These enhancements are so helpful, that you won’t ever want to use an older Options dialog again!

You can now search directly from the Options dialog. Well yea! Of course we should be able to do that. Cool!


Now we won’t have to go to the Quick Launch feature every time we want to find something different in the Options dialog.

NOTE: If you are not familiar with the Quick Launch feature, it was introduced in Visual Studio 2012 and covered here.

Let’s try searching for font:


How about sync?


NOTE: For more information on synchronizing your settings, see this Visual Studio 2013 post.

Another cool enhancement is that it now has a size handle!


That seems like a small feature, but can be useful if you need to run Visual Studio within a smaller form factor. It is also great for options with lots of, well, options. Such as the Debugging option.


For more information on the new Visual Studio 2013 features, check out my new Pluralsight course: Mastering Visual Studio 2013.

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  1.   CB — October 24, 2013 @ 10:49 am    Reply

    This has been a feature in SlickEdit for years. See a screenshot:

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